Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The February Lady Sweater

She is done. Thank you Lor-raine on Ravelry (Lori for you non-Ravelry) for the awesome pictures. My normal body double (Julia Roberts) was busy, so I had to model the sweater myself...9 skeins of Cotton Fleece (80% cotton, 20% wool). I made the xxl size, #6 Knitpicks chrome plated. I am not too crazy about the neckline, I think it is a little saggy, but perhaps I used the wrong cast-on. I used long tail. I bought the yarn at www.littleknits.com, it was a second because they said the color was a little off from the card, I didn't have the card to compare it to, so that didn't bother me, it was about 1/2 price making the yarn for this sweater about $40! Yippee! I received 2 unsolicited compliments on the sweater before I even got home! I did put the buttonholes in, but until I find the "perfect" buttons, I plan to use a dpn or cable needle as a closure, I think it is fitting.

An advertisement for Ravelry. If you are a knitter, get thee immediately to Ravelry.com and get thyself on the waiting list. While you are waiting, think hard about your log-in name, they are about 2-3 weeks behind. Ravelry is a blast. Want to see how many versions the February Lady sweater are done? Go to the pattern tab, type in February Lady and search = pages and pages of sweaters, if you click the yarn tab you will see all the yarns that folks used to make the sweaters. Want to see how many designs Brooklyntweed has listed on Ravelry? Go to the people tab and type in Brooklyntweed, you can search for patterns, download patterns into your ravelry library, there are free patterns and patterns for sale. It is awesome, however, beware, if you think blogs are a time suck, Ravelry is a HUGE time suck, but it is fun, fun, fun....

An update on the kitten. It was fading fast this afternoon, but my big, burly, Grumpy Farmer husband stuffed the helpless kitten into the front of his shirt to warm it and got it to eat some very watered down cows milk until I could get home with the milk replacer. He/she is sleeping and I am feeding it every hour about 8cc's of replacer and it seems to be improving, the recouperative powers of little bodies. As I type this, it is inside the front of my shirt twitching in its sleep and even growling a little bit. For now, all is well with the world. I hope yours are as safe as this baby kitten.