Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Don't people have better things to do, I am glad I don't live in Conn! However, I'm sure there are just as many idiots in Illinois. Please go here, read and donate.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Shut up and Knit your Cabin Cove = Done

I love these mittens! I love their matchy-matchy-ness, I love their fit (snug), I LURV them! I think they have helped me grow as a knitter. The first one I thought was a little too snug in the wrist (I forgot to allow for my watch) and when I finished the 2nd one, I ripped the 1st one back and re-knit the cuff - Who's the boss of her knitting?

My current dilemma - what to knit next, sure, I have the Cozy in Cables to the neck and am ready to bind off those stitches and start the sleeves, sure I have Birch and it's Kid Silk Haze-ness that is 2/3 done and has been on the needles since 2005 when everyone else was knitting this EASY lace pattern. This KSH is kicking my *rse. I am considering burning it in a little ceremony in the driveway, I keep coming up off on my count, I think it is time to bury that project. I have shawl yarn for 2 shawls in the stash and I am cravin' me some shawl knitting. Perhaps the highland triangle from Cheryl Oberle's book or perhaps Maude and then there are those socks in the Raggi that is a heavier weight that will whip up quickly, but then there is the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino that I just purchased last week for fingerless mittens that I don't want to use for that, but perhaps, a simple hat???? I don't know where to start.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Isn't it Lovely?

I was surprised yesterday by the snow. I was out on Monday evening and didn't see the weather. When I got up it was misting snow and by the time I headed to work, it was a tad packed and I drove carefully, but then the sky let loose with a lovely, fluffy, soft picture perfect snow. The bonus of it being so cold, the DD#1 didn't even go out and mess it up on me so that I could take this loverly picture this am.

Driving around noon was treacherous, but as any good country woman would, I headed across the street to the grocery store for some provisions to make sure we are covered in case we get snowed in, yes, we are rural and sometimes we simply get snowed in, nothing to do about it but sit and knit - oh the horror!

I had the added stress of a new driver (6 months) loose behind the wheel which caused my blood pressure a little rise, but once I got my kidlets all safely tucked into the house for the evening, I was a very happy hen.

I am participating in a Swap-bot Scarf kit swap. I am a newby there with no rating so I made sure to contact my partner right away and am working on her gift, but I haven't heard from my partner. Not a good sign.

Shut Up and Knit your Cabin Cove - progress

I think I am sooo clever. I have been wanting to try the Meg Swanson/EZ I-cord mittens from Meg's book - Handknitting Then the Cabin Cove a-long came around. I thought, great! I will knit fingerless mittens and use the i-cord technique to knit the partial fingers, but I want ribbing at the ends to prevent curling, that's ok, I'll p1k1 and then ladder up the extra one as a knit and all will be well. I scored some Kaleidoscope sock yarn from Dave - LOVE the colors, after consult with the fabulous Dave, I decided to split the ball and play all matchy matchy with the colors so that I could knit my mitts double thick and warm. I've never bothered to do this with my socks, I don't care if they are fraternal, but I was concerned that with the double strand the colors would get a bit muddled and I didn't want that. So I accomplished the winding off well, knitted the 8 initial fingers and away we go. Since this picture, I completed the first mitt and I am wearing it, a la Michael J*ckson and if I do say so myself, they are fabulous. I have lovely, warm Hermoine mittens, but am always taking them off and then my hands are cold. I would have rather that the color not pooled quite so much, but I think they are loverly in their poolie-ness. The yarn is 75% Merino and 25% nylon, I haven't blocked this one yet as I am waiting for the pair .
BTW, just exactly WHO ordered this cold snap, it is downright rude! I know it is Central Illinois and all, but seriously. Actually, I laugh at this cold snap. Afterall, it is February 6, we only have at best 6 more weeks of this, I may not be a Canadian or a New Yorker, but I am made for this weather. Bring it ON!