Thursday, November 27, 2008

Finished Projects

I have been occupying my time on weekends by attending Swim Meets with MG. I can barely swim myself, but MG swims like a fish. She decided that she wanted to learn to swim and she has taken to it. She has said that she wanted to try out for the swim team. Wellll, swim team starts the end of September and we at the Marshall house have some pretty important things going on the end of September (harvest) and I didn't push the issue at home. Enter school swim lessons at which she announces, "I want to try out for swim team" and they tell her that she can join, anyway, she loves it, GCM tells me that he "did" archery and I get to do swim team - not a problems for me, as it provides lots of opportunity for knitting. I finished....Clapotis for Maureen, started in the spring, March, April, May

And I finished the Brioche Hat using my friend Ellen's handspun yarn.

I finished my "All Shawl" (Doris Chan) using a single skein of hand dyed sock yarn. I would have liked to put more on the bottom so that it is lacier and closer to what the pattern called for.

Huge thank you to Lori Nicoli for taking the pictures for me, she is an awesome person and an awesome photographer.

In case you are wondering, the glasses are from Target Optical, believe it or not, $99, purchased in 5 minutes flat. I lurve them and get lots of compliments on them (that is nice).

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

November 4th, 2008

I want to get this in before the election results start to come in. I was raised in a Democratic family and married a Republican. I don't agree with everything the Republicans support and I don't believe in everything the Democrats support. I have not yet had the opportunity to support a candidate, rather usually I find myself voting against a candidate rather than FOR a candidate and this year is no exception. I hope and pray that whomever wins does the right thing, steers this country to self-sufficiency, brings this military campaign to an equitable solution, fixes our health care system, brings our troups home triumphantly and with the respect and praise they deserve, provides opportunities for all citizens to be productive active members of our world, allows folks to enjoy the fruits of their labor. We are an innovative, resourceful nation, I fear whomever wins will need us to remember that and act upon it. God Bless America - Heaven knows we need it.