Sunday, February 18, 2007

Shut up and Knit your Cabin Cove = Done

I love these mittens! I love their matchy-matchy-ness, I love their fit (snug), I LURV them! I think they have helped me grow as a knitter. The first one I thought was a little too snug in the wrist (I forgot to allow for my watch) and when I finished the 2nd one, I ripped the 1st one back and re-knit the cuff - Who's the boss of her knitting?

My current dilemma - what to knit next, sure, I have the Cozy in Cables to the neck and am ready to bind off those stitches and start the sleeves, sure I have Birch and it's Kid Silk Haze-ness that is 2/3 done and has been on the needles since 2005 when everyone else was knitting this EASY lace pattern. This KSH is kicking my *rse. I am considering burning it in a little ceremony in the driveway, I keep coming up off on my count, I think it is time to bury that project. I have shawl yarn for 2 shawls in the stash and I am cravin' me some shawl knitting. Perhaps the highland triangle from Cheryl Oberle's book or perhaps Maude and then there are those socks in the Raggi that is a heavier weight that will whip up quickly, but then there is the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino that I just purchased last week for fingerless mittens that I don't want to use for that, but perhaps, a simple hat???? I don't know where to start.

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