Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where did the summer go?

We are almost upon the Labor Day holidays. Wow, it seems just yesterday it was May and from my posts, it was just about the last post I have made. I made it onto http://www.ravelry.com/, my name is Angie, how original, I'm just not cleaver enough for anything more exciting. I have posted my finished Chevron Scarf and my in Progress Babette from Interweave Crochet, I am currently DCing around the edges of the blanket in an effort to use up the remainder of the yarn. Michael loves the blanket so it will become his, like the wand, the blanket chooses the baby. It made a good "on the go" project this summer and I am pleased with myself for keeping at it, I am traditionally not good at finishing. BTW, what is it about these magazines and their sizing issues? The Babette is pictured draped aluringly around a girl, making it appear as an ample blanket, but when I look at the pattern, it calls for Koigu (who wants to make a $300 blanket). At a fingering weight, it calls for a finished blanket that I would consider baby blanket sized. When I look again at the photo, the girl in the pic appears about 7 years old. Not fair, not fair! I am glad that I used WW yarn, it is large enough to cover my lap and that works for me. I love the Cotton fleece, I think I'd like a Wallaby from it, but would like to buy it a little cheaper than $8 a skein for a sweater my size. Knitting isn't a cheap hobby, is it? Or crochet either for that matter. More time, I simply need more time...

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