Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A good time was had by all

I am so thankful, I spent last weekend with the most wonderful group of women. Most are/were quilt shop owners and they have been getting together for about 6 years. We sewed and watched movies and talked and laughed and poked fun at each other. It was a weekend to refill my well and that I did. Thank you so much Janettie for inviting me, thank you Maureen for your wonderful hospitality. I hope I behaved well enough to be invited back. My goal was to make the top for DS#1's graduation quilt and I accomplished that "barely", I spent most of the weekend with my arse parked on the couch in front of the tv knitting away on my Clapotis. I brought all the yarn for that and also for my Mr. Greenjeans. I thought I'd finish the Cl*p and get a good start on the Mr. Greenjeans and make the quilt top. I finished another ball on the Cla*p and the top, that was it. Before you accuse me of goofing off the whole day, it is true that on Saturday I ventured into Galena with some of the girls, but I found a pattern and yarn for the shrug that I want to make for DD#1's 1st Communion which should be sometime in May. My knitting que keeps re-arranging itself. I'm going to try and finish the Cla*p and then hit the shrug hard, hoping to finish that when I go to Paducah with Janette, along with the back of the graduation quilt. Turkey totem, don't fail me now....

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