Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Latest Obsession

I am not a computer expert, I don't play one on TV. It is all K2Karen's fault. At knitting camp, she told about how she uploaded her copy of Knitting Glossary onto her I-pod so she always had EZ & Meg at her fingertips. She put some instructions in her blog (July entry) and I HAD to do it too. Go to, download the free software, select the appropriate pre-set (mine is Low-Rez Ipod) Hit the Browse button in the "Source Box" and choose the Video-TS, hit the drop-down box for Title and you should notice 4 selections (my Glossary seems to have 4 different parts) Select Box 1 and then Start at Chapter 1, end at Chapter 2 (they are introduction)Browse the destination file to save the Chapters of the DVD where you want them. I didn't change anything else. Once you get each Chapter set up, you can select "Add to Queue". At first I uploaded the files one at a time and then I got braver and put 4 into the Queue. Sometimes the uploads went quickly, some took more than an hour. At this writing, Chapters 77 and 78 didn't upload, but I'll try them again. The chapters are then saved as chapters.(chapters 1) I had to open each one individually (they will automatically open into Itunes) and get the titles for each chapter. Then you have to delete the item from itunes (steady, you'll get it back there), go back to the source, right click on the title of the chapter and re-name it (I-cord Cast-on) and double click on it which will pull it back into i-tunes. I will list the chapters here when I am done in case anyone wants to do the same with their own PERSONAL copy of Knitting Glossary. This project is taking longer than I expected. Some of the upper chapters (90's) are taking 1+ hours per to upload. I know it will be worth it, but it is tedious

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