Sunday, May 19, 2013

River City Marathon for some, 5K for me

So, as I was looking at life after the Half, I saw the River City Marathon.  It is for St. Jude and since I am all about the St. Jude, I signed up.

Ran the Half, April 27th and then proceeded to run exactly three times before the River City Marathon.. Had a great time hanging out with Ed, Stephanie, their kids, Katie, Paul and Moira Marshall.  Being around positive people who also happen to be runners is SO refreshing.  Note to self, hang out with runners more.  Ed and Katie (brother and sister) both rocked the Full Marathon OUT!

Anyway, started the run, it was a small event.  Only about 2000 runners overall.  Chugged along at my normal pace.  I found that I missed my Half Marathon running buddy Karen ;(  but ended up about the same pace as this lovely lady in a cute running outfit, skirt and all.  We were chugging along and she asked me if this was my first 5K and I happily told her, no, I had just finished a Half Marathon 3 weeks ago.  She was surprised.  I think I could get used to surprising people like that.

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Linda Peterson said...

After I saw your post on FB about your blogs, and having followed TGF a very long time ago, I decided to check out your knitting blog.
And I cried. And I've shed so many tears since Eric died I didn't think I had any left.
I am inspired as I have made up my mind to work to improve my health so I do not have to take so many medicines just to stay alive. I WILL NOT TAKE INSULIN! It is not so monumental as what you have done but it will be monumental for me. And I think you'll agree.
I am upended as I did not know Michael went to St. Jude's, but then how could I?
I am going to copy the article from Runner's as I think it works in all venues. I hope you don't mind.
Oh, and by the way, I'm a big supporter of St. Jude's. I love the Danny Thomas story.