Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Warm Hands

Hurray for Warm Hands. Last year, I knit some ...oh, what were they called, mittens with the little tufts of wool in them, made my hands look more like linebacker hands than they normally do...oh, fulled mittens, in purple with white fulls. This summer I found some Malabrigo in my almost signature, lime green and then I wandered into the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool festival.... but it wasn't my fault, my friend Lori said, "If you find anything interesting, get some for me, I prefer earth tones", what was I to do when I saw more Malabrigo. Hers (which I of course didn't take a picture of) was creamy and tanny and brownie all in that pleasing Malabrigo way and I bought for myself....Good friend that I am, I offered it to Lori as well. What will I do with it? Why more mittens of course.

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