Monday, March 19, 2007


Status on the current projects.

Cozy in Cables larger kid sweater for CIC knitting in Chocolate brown, body = done, 1 sleeve started (abt. 2")

Chevron Scarf = About 2" done, love it, but HATE, HATE, HATE all the purling, using STR Fairgrounds and Fire on the Mountain - Mediumweight

More Stripes Vest (Newest Knitty) = Swatched for (yes, it is a first for me), in Silk Garden 226 (my favorite colorway of SG), patiently waiting to be cast on. I plan to steek the armholes on this as well as the neck and I need to order the gansey DVD from Schoolhouse press so that I have a handy tutorial for this. I've never knit a garment for myself and I have discovered the extent of my hatred/dislike for the dreaded purl stitch, so I'm going to attempt to do it in the round, what the heck? the pattern is written that way for the neckline, why not do the sleeves.

STR Club Sock - yarn wound into ball, patiently waiting for a quiet moment to interpret the directions for the club sock. I've never knit toe up.

Cabin Cove fingering weight in a purple/green/cream colorway that is desitned to become a forest path shawl. It is loverly as is all of Dave's yarn...

I have an acrylic hat in the wings needing just the decreases at the top and it is done.

I think Birch in KSH is dead, done, never to be resurrected. I have an error somewhere and I can't rip it back, I think it is destined for the burn pile, it was an interesting experiment, I don't think I"m ready for laceweight yet.

I have startitis. I'm hanging on bravely trying to finish the Chevron scarf before I start another project. I desperately need to finish the Cozy in Cables sweater, there are cold kids in Russia, you know...Will I triumph over Statitus? Stay tuned...

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