Monday, March 05, 2007

Wasted day

I've needed a win for several weeks. I'm working on a WW silk scarf that just doesn't want to be a scarf, I should have frogged it a long time ago, but what can 1 skein of WW silk become if not a scarf? I screwed up the simple Feather and Fan pattern, while knitting at my moms, I have to rip it back again! I have so many things on my plate that I want/need to make. DS#2 has had Rotavirus since Tuesday, thankfully it is mainly diarreah and only vomiting 1 night, but so I've gotten little sleep, although, DH has been taking the day shift while I work. My quilter called and it's my turn, I have about 5 quilts that need to be quilted, so on Sunday, like a good girl, I set to piecing backs for said quilts and etc. I found a quilt I thought I was done and spent about 3 hours trying to jerry-rig it to be done, nothing worked, the back that I pieced will be too short, I have enough fabric, but I just lacked the engineering ability to clearly see the solution. So I spent 3 hours doing something I didn't want to do - and then suddenly, I had a pitty attack. I seem to always be stuck doing the things I don't want to do, in fact, I spend so much time doing what needs to be done that I don't think I even know what I WANT to do anymore, I just keep swimming, doing what everyone expects me to do. I had a worrysome visit to the Dr. last week and need to go back for a follow-up and I am freaked about it, although I know in my head that it MAY be nothing, I'm just tired, and scared, this too, shall pass, right? Am I doing something wrong? Am I doing anything right? A Pitty party, that is what I need....and some sleep.

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