Wednesday, November 08, 2006

In the company of others

This past Saturday, I had the extreme good fortune to participate in the Chicago Dulaan Knit-in hosted by the incomparable Franklin Habit I met several new friends, but had the pleasure of the company of one Rochelle of Glen Ellyn that I car pooled with. I think my family thought I was a little odd that I wasn't worried about car pooling with someone I didn't know. What could happen, SHE'S A KNITTER! Karen from Yarn is my Metier,, gifted me a skein of Regia cotton for simply offering to give her a lift to the event. Knitters are the greatest. It is a lovely skein of blues, just lovely.

The venue was lovely, did I take pictures...uhhh, no, as a matter of fact Rochelle and I were so excited to get into the event, we forgot to put Rochelles' handicapped parking plackard in the window, no tickets, though, but really, we were authorized to park there. Food, there was food, lots of food, good food, after all, we're knitters. Comfy spaces, nice, nice people. Great cause.

I am dedicated to finishing my 5 projects for Dulaan, I finished the Wool/Hemp hat and gladly chucked the tiny ball of left over yarn into the trash, it hurt my hands, I was knitting it at a tight guage, but none the less, it hurt my hands. I am now back to good 'ol Cascade 220 in the yellow and green, use it up. DS#1 pointed out that I had knitted a Green Bay packer hat the first time, so I will try to avoid that again. Anyway, I have 4 finished items, 2 scarves, 2 hats and #3 hat on the needles. Received my Handy Book of Patterns book and perused it prior to bed last night, I might actually follow some directions instead of just knitting as I am wont to do.

Am I knitting for Christmas? Ummm, no, not really. I am woefully incapable of completing projects under tight deadlines. I need to make some mittens for DS#2, but he is tiny so it won't take too long, I am wondering if I have enough left over Malabrigo from my mittens to make him some, perhaps I'll have to buy more...shame, wouldn't it be a shame. I am however resisting additional yarn purchases. I have been on a "No Credit Needed" stint and have been trying to make sure that what I buy is what I NEED rather than what I want. I have an awful lot of yarn here that I can knit up for charity and heaven knows there are enough charities around that need warm things, so .... Don't clap too loud, my reserve could break at any minute, I'm still LOOKING, just not buying right now..."They will make more yarn, They will make more yarn" is my mantra.

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