Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I present...my Soctoberfest socks. Finished. On time! A first for me.
The Specs:
Pattern: 52 stitch socks from Simply Sensational Socks using the Broken Rib Pattern
Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino 8 (Worsted)
Needles: #3 US DPN's and Magic Loop
Time: 10/14/06 - 10/30/06

I made the leg of these twice. I started them and was almost done with both legs and I noticed a counting problem in one and a dropped stitch problem in the other. The dropped stitch was fixable, but it was a the VERY beginning of the pattern, so RIP, out they both came and I started over on about the 14th of Socktober...BUT, that yarn was very expensive, the socks deserved to be as perfect as I could make them. I had them race each other, knitting one on #3 DPN's and the other Magic Loop. Speaking of the yarn, it was interesting, it was probably 10 teeny, tiny plies, and it doesn't have a lot of twist, I was worried about it being splitty, but for some reason, it wasn't. I'd love to use this yarn again, but for the price where I bought it, I could have gotten Cashmere, so I doubt unless I find a killer sale, no more Artyarns Supermerino 8 for me, but at least I can say I loved it when.

What will November bring for Chez Angie? Well, on Saturday, I am off to the Dulaan Knit-in, I am giving a ride to a new friend, Rochelle. It is a rare treat for me, but harvest has been long and grueling, so I am giving myself the day and DH can take care of the kiddies, surely they will all survive one day. I'll get to rub elbows with the known bloggers, and hopefully don't make an arse of myself. So, November is all about Dulaan and CIC charity knitting. I am working on a hat right now and I want to make a sweater for each and fulfil my 5 items for Dulaan, I have 2 items finished so far, so I should make it, but want to focus on sweaters this year. We'll see, what is life without grand plans?

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