Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I turned the short row heel on the socks from hell and I'm still not sure of them, I am considering frogging the whole project and making a hat for DS#2, I'm just not feeling the love. Update, frogged the socks, if they don't want to be a hat, I will burn the yarn in a little ceremony in the driveway.

I'm still knitting on the Shadow scarf that I started in Geneseo colors for a friend's daughter, I saw them this week at a Volleyball game and it would have been convenient if it had been finished by then. I covered in a remote office for work for a day and a half last week - I was the only one there. I SHOULD have gotten a fair amount of knitting done, but I ended up working more than I thought - how did that happen?

I couldn't resist Socktoberfest any longer and I cast on for some socks of Artyarns Ultramerino 8, they color is the most beautiful muted pink and green I have ever seen. The yarn looks like it might be splitty, but so far, I have no complaints. Have you ever bought Artyarns Ultramerino? Lets just say, I'd best be burried in these socks, they are too expensive to wear, but I'm worth it, right?

I want to cast on for a red scarf for the Red Scarf Project to try out the new Brittany Birch #7's I bought at my LYS. I want to cast on for the Black Bunny Fibers Hop-a-long, I just received some new yarn from Carolyn and I can't wait to cast on with many projects, so little time

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