Monday, February 11, 2008

Babette is finished!

I love it! Of course MBM christened it with a cut of the scissors, I think it is only in the outermost row of the border, I think I have a little more yarn that I can use and patch in a hole. The little monkey. I will have to keep a closer watch on him. I have started his blanket. It is orange I bought the yarn on Saturday at the yarn shop in DeKalb. I'm doubling it an using #11's, I wish I had a larger needle, but I don't so that is that. Had a delightful visit from my friend Janette. She was in WI and stopped by on her way home. I am thankful that she feels comfortable calling and dropping in/staying over with me with my messy house and chaotic children. We had a nice, nice visit. A couple items of note, she helped me finish most of my quilting UFO's and had expressed interest in one of them. I had that one quilted first with the intention of finishing it and sending it to her for Christmas and her Birthday (12/23-she and Jesus are close). Of course, I didn't finish it and it has sat partially bound since November. She arrived and picked it up and proceeded to work on the binding. I suspected that she would and on Sunday she finished the binding. She said, "Hey, look, the binding is done on this quilt." I said, "Good, because it is yours, Happy Birthday". Much hugging, and "you're the greatest-ing" commenced (from both sides). I don't have a pic of the finished quilt, but I do have a pick of my Janettie working on the binding of her own quilt. Hee, hee, I am so sneaky!.

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