Friday, February 01, 2008

Its been a long, long time...

I miss blogging, a number of reasons have prevented me from blogging, but I'm back and I'll try and catch y'all up.

I have been most prolifically (for me anyway) knitting away, several pairs of socks since I last typed and a couple of Folliage's, a Koolhaas, 2 more Chev's (Yes, I know, it is an obsession), 2 pretty neat scarves for my DD7 one of which is too "itchy" (Lambs Pride worsted) and the other that is just right (Joann's Sensational-yes, I KNOW, but it was close and soft enough), 3 pairs of gloves for DD7, a hat for DS2.5 and ....let me think, but anyway, you can tell it has been a while.

I have been thoroughly enjoying getting 1 day per week off from work, it is usualy Tuesdays and I have been taking it as a ME day, I send DS2.5 to the sitter and spend it doing things for me. Shopping, working out, massage, ear candling, but really the most fun is KNITTING! There is a local group that meets on Tues am (they also meet on Saturday afternoon) and I have been able to drop in with them I think 3 times now, a finer group of ladies I have yet to meet. A diverse background of strong, intelligent, talented women who welcome me warmly. So nice, such a treat for me.

I am trying to make 2008 the Year of Me. I need to recognize that the most important thing I can do for my family is take care of myself. I need to fill up my "Well", work out regularly, drink more water, get my chakra's aligned, whatever it takes. I'll post the progress.

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