Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Michael's Blanket

It started out as a vague idea, make a giant basic washcloth. Purchased 10 skeins of Tatami Tweed (Ginger) from The Yarn Exchange in DeKalb and start knitting, make the triange, make a straight, center section and then the decrease triangle. The little voices in my head started to go off when I reached the "straight" section, but I ignored (never ignore your little voice). Well much to DS17's delight, I have knitted DS2.5 a blanket in the shape of a stop sign-sort of. Oh, well, it was good mindless knitting, DS2.5 won't know the difference and it gives DS17 something else to laugh at me about. It will keep him warm and that's all I care about.
Specs: Knitpicks Options #11
Yarn: Tatami Tweed (doubled) 10 skeins (Ginger Colorway)
Started: 2/9/08
Finished: 2/20/08
Mods: Well, I think a square would have been sufficient. I knitted 4 skeins in the increase triangle, 2 skeins in the "straight" section and the remaining 4 skeins in the decreased triangle. Either make it more narrow or buy a LOT more yarn for the straight section. There is a LOT of knitting in a blanket. If I doubled a WW yarn again, I would prefer a larger needle, I was going for the thermal blanket look and I know this blanket will work well, the yarn would have gone much further if I had used at #15 or #17, but I didn't have one in the house when I started. I have a picture to post, but it is a horrible picture. Just imagine a giant orange washcloth. I enjoyed knitting it and it was a quick knit, about a week and a half.

Now back to Foliage hats, my dear, dear friend, Janette's daughter has asked for a hat like her moms only blue....Her wish is my command especially when she asked so nicely. I purchased a skein of Brown Sheep Worsted in the blue variegated colorway (I am such a sucker for variegated colorway)

I also got sidetracked with another attempt at a super quick beret AND mittens. I finished the beret and then started the mittens only to discover that I think I need 24 stitches for the ribbing instead of 28. I returned to a project at least 2 years old, Marguerite's Cozy in Cables Big Kids sweater. I had been supposed to be a test knitter so long ago and went great gangbusters on the body and stalled at the sleeves. I want to keep at it. It won't take long and I'd like to get it off of my UFO list.

What do I need to finish

CIC sweater
Foliage hat for Beth
Mittens to match my hat
I Love Gansey Socks
WW socks

What I want to start

University of Illinois Sweater for ME, ME, ME
WW Chevron Scarf from Boomerang
Poppy from Yarnplay

I need to knit more.....and perhaps faster...

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