Sunday, January 11, 2009


I was reading blogs the other day at work of course and someone was posting about their things to do or "wishlist" for 2009 and I thought that was a good idea. I want to do some things new in 2009. However, before I list my wishlist for 2009, I want to post about 1 more FO for 2008. In early March, I was lucky enough to attend a little get-together at a friend of a friends "cabin" in Galena, IL. I think I posted about it back in March. Anyway, Martha Stewart doesn't have anything on Maureen. Later in March, while on a yarn crawl with my Tuesday knitting homies, I came across some Noro Aurora in a colorway that I thought would look wonderful on Maureen. It followed me home and I began knitting a Clapotis (from for Maureen. I finished it some time in November (thank heavens for swim meets) and finally mailed it to her around Christmas time. I got a lovely, lovely note back from her and even better than the note, she sent me a picture of her wearing it on New Years Eve oh, that is her handsome husband at her side.

I don't usually make things for other people. There are precious few people who appreciate how much time and effort goes into a handknitted item or a quilt or basically a lot of crafts. Anyway, Maureen is a knitter and I knew she would appreciate it. I'm glad that she looks as lovely as I thought she would wearing it.

Ok, 2009, what kind of things would I like to do.

1. Make a sweater or 2 for myself, a sweater that fits.
2. Knit winter accessories in the summer so I can focus on cold weather knitting during the cold weather rather than making accessories at the speed of light because we desperately need them
3. Go to Knitting Camp
4. Steek a sweater for myself
5. Stranded knitting - do some
6. 6 pairs of socks

Well, that's that, I have a plan, now for the execution.

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Lori said...

Maureen's Clapotis looks absolutely beautiful on her! The yarn is perfect - and what a great secondary design the color creates.

Good luck on your list :-) ...and don't get caught reading those blogs @work. Heh.