Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have never done this before. I have just finished the Giant Clapotis Ipictures by Lor-raine). I think I look rather like Pocohantas wrapped in it, but I do love it. Could have probably made it a little smaller, but it is done and I love it.


I finished the third and final button band on my Mr. Greenjeans and to seal the deal on it, I BLOCKED it. Done, done, done, it is, well, except for the button. I have contacted someone on to make me a custom glass button, but I can't find the (*#&$(*@#&$(*@#&$(*@#&*($& swatch that I made for the sweater. And so goes my life. I will sew a button on it when it was dry and replace it later with the glass button. Pictures next week when it is dry.


See, I have had these two pairs of socks laying around, both half finished, both less than satisfactory for many reasons. The guilt was cumbersome, but socks wouldn't have been up to snuff and I would have remembered that every single time I put them on, so RIP! They are now again in cake form and ready to be re-knit in a more satisfactory manner.

It feels so good!

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Lori said...

A beautiful, vibrant, colorful, stripey Pocohantas! It looks great on you!!